Thinking of renting?

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Property management customised to You

Our complete management package will be like that of any letting agency, we will find new tenants, handle the legal documentation and move them in and out, difference is all this is covered in the cost of the agreed monthly payments.

This also covers regular inspections providing us with the information to make manageable maintenance decisions when dealing with repairs, saving landlords money and increasing the value of your investment.

A humble home with white walls and black windowed exteriors.

When you sign with BLC, our priority is to maintain the property. We strive to carry out as much in-house maintenance as possible, this removes the need for outsourcing labour. Unlike some companies, outsourced labour will not include handling fees or additional charges. Our in-house contractors come fully qualified and insured. For more in-depth information visit our contacts page and a representative will answer any queries submitted.

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